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Hello. You've come to obsessivefonts, a community for sharing, requesting, and identifying fonts.

All posts besides the four below me (all information-only) are members-only, so you need to join to see them. You don't need to pass any test to join, just click right here.

Enjoy the fonts!

Font sharing status: G (G: Thurs. 29th of September to Thurs. 6th of October.)
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Requesting and Identifying: all you need to know

Requesting a font: this means you already know the font name and were unable to find a place to download it somewhere else, therefore you're providing us with a font name (required) and an image sample (not required, but recommended) in the hopes some one has it.

Identifying a font: this means you've seen this font used in an icon or graphic and are including an image sample (required) in the hopes that someone recognizes it and can upload it for you.

Rules for Identifying and/or Requesting
1. Please first try places like and fontaddicts before coming here. This isn't the main reason for the community, though we do offer it as a help service.
2. Be patient! We have lives, and not everyone has the time to hunt down fonts.
3. Provide either (or both) of the following: exact font name, or an image using the font.
4. If you know the font name, check the tags for it before requesting it.
5. We CANNOT give you commercial fonts - aka, fonts you have to pay for. You can try asking for a clone (free version) of the font, if it's a commercial font.
6. Most importantly: comment here and ONLY here for getting fonts identified/requesting them. Do no make a new post, do not comment somewhere else.

If you have any other questions or problems related to requesting/identifying fonts, just comment and I'll answer/add them to the post above. :)
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Sharing Fonts: all you need to know

Rules for Sharing
1. Only post fonts that are freeware or shareware. This means: no commercial fonts. If you're unsure about a font, pop over to Google and do a search on the font. ("fontname, download). If you can only find places to download on pay sites (such as, chances is it's a commercial font. If you can find other sites that offer it for free, chances are that it's fine to post. :)
2. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, zip your fonts. Upload only the .ttf file. All posts with zipped fonts will be deleted, for safety's sake. I do not want to find out the hard way that there's a Trojan tucked in that zip.
3. Please cut all font previews.
4. Use a site like You Send It when uploading fonts. Do not direct link to a download source that isn't yours. ( is fine. is not.)
5. When tagging your entries, include only the font name and the font style (curly, script, grungy, etc).
5a. Your tags should have FONT_ before every font name and STYLE_ before every font style.
6. Because there are so many fonts, you can't just post them willy-nilly. Both on the main page and this post will have info on the letter we're doing this week. (Friday to Friday.) Only post fonts starting with that letter then, unless otherwise specified.

Sharing FAQ

What is a preview?
It's something like this. It's a small image done in a program like Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro, showing what the font looks like.

How do I make a preview?
Assuming you have some basic knowledge of your program, it'll go something like this: open a new blank canvas, white background, font tool, find the font, choose the color you want to use for it (as long as it's readable, anything is okay), and type the text you want (the font name is best for a preview). The size used is usually something around 30pt-48pt. Make sure to crop away any excess blank canvas, so it looks something like the example program.

What if I can't make a preview?
If you're unable to obtain access to a program like Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, or anything good (note: Paint won't work), unable to get help from a friend, unable to find a preview of the font made elsewhere on the web, you can comment on this post with a link to the font and someone might be nice and make you a preview image. However, this is totally up to them and not required of anybody.

Can I share more than one font per post?
Sure. :) As long as you cut the preview images and be sensible (if you have over 50 or so, it might be best to break it up into smaller posts) and it's perfectly okay.

LJ says I don't have permission to post in this community. How do I get that?
You only need this if you intend to share fonts. If you're just downloading, you don't need posting access to comment. :) If you do intend to share fonts, comment on this post. You SHOULD: have access to a proper program to make previews with, agree to the rules above, be able to upload a file at a site like You Sent It or similar, be able to post fonts at least every now and then, be a member (I can't give you posting access if you aren't). You DO NOT have to: post fonts daily, know me personally, pass any kind of secret quiz, be recommended by someone, download a certain number of fonts, link the community somewhere, or be a member at least X amount of days.

I submitted a post to this community, but it hasn't shown up yet. Why is this happening?
Posts are moderated. This means a moderator needs to approve it before it will show up on the community. Don't worry: the longest you'll have to wait is a day to be approved or rejected. We're on a lot. :)

I got an email saying my post got rejected. Why is this? How do I fix it?
In that email, it should say why you were rejected. It's most likely you forgot to do something (cut your preview image, upload the font, link the font, etc). Just fix whatever's wrong and post it again.

Finally, if you have any other questions/problems, comment here and you'll get help ASAP. :)
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Downloading Fonts: all you need to know

Rules for Downloading
1. Comment when downloading a font. It helps me know which fonts are popular, and provides information for things like Font of the Month.
2. Always be polite when asking for a font. Remember that people have lives and you won't get an instant response.
3. Always be polite, period.
4. Do not be afraid to speak up if something is confusing you, or you have a problem with something. We're here to help.

FAQ for Downloading

How do I download a font?
On the post, there should be a link somewhere to the font. Just click that and you'll be lead to a site like You Send It. The link to download the font will be obvious, click that and just save the font wherever you can find it easily.

I get a message that the file has expired when I try to download it. What do I do?
You Send It files are only online for 7 days or 25 downloads (whatever comes first). Just comment on the post saying you want the font but it's expired, and the person should re-upload it. If they don't after two weeks (remember - we all have lives), comment here and we'll see what we can do.

How do I install a font?
This should explain everything properly. If it doesn't and you're having problems, pop over to icon_tutorial for some help. :)

And, finally, if you have any other questions/problems, just comment here and we'll help you ASAP.